Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A contractor I know, and one of my best friends, Bill, is brilliant and very successful. Among his many incredible talents is his ability to organize to keep subs on task at the right time. It’s a difficult and demanding job, building. He says he doesn’t have ulcers but he’s a carrier. He is also one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

Rosie O’Donnell is a carrier of a different type. She infects people with depression and is obviously one of most hateful people I’ve never met and I've never met a lot. She is the Mary Mallon of the 21 century. Rosie reminds me of a piece of unique farm equipment.

My uncle used one on his farm. He loved to farm with horses and became a renown horse trainer. He also had a dairy herd and as everybody knows, dairy herds produce two types of products. The less tasty bi-product is loaded onto a farm wagon that has a moving floor that moves the product to the back of the wagon and an apparatus on the end of the wagon flings pieces of this product out onto fields and pasture land.

That “manure” wagon’s job is exactly what Rosie does daily. She flings pieces of depression all over the place. The main difference between cow manure and Rosie manure is that cow manure is beneficial to the soil and plants. Rosie’s manure, is spewed in every direction, is harmful to humanity, pollutes the air and disperses depression. I don’t know if she has depression but I do know she is a carrier.

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Anonymous said...

She's the ox that pulls the cart and pulls all the non-believers along with her.