Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We Americans have the right to maintain our culture. New immigrants who came here legally have historically been expected to join our “melting pot” and adopt our cultural concepts of self-reliance, work ethic and diverse interaction, in addition to joining in the concept of responsible self-government. It has served us well now for two-plus centuries.

But, now we have an influx of people whose allegiances are not necessarily those of previous immigrants. They are here “for the money” which is returned to their families elsewhere. The sheer number is staggering, and in Los Angeles those new “illegal” immigrants have begun to demand that the southwest part of our country be returned to Mexico. This secessionist cause is led by La Raza. Having been born and raised on the East side of Los Angeles I have seen first hand the decline of many of the areas I grew up in.

Some areas near East Los Angeles Junior college from which I graduated, are controlled by gangs. Police are afraid to patrol many of those areas. Yet, there is a demand that, that area be return to Mexico, a country floating in a sea of elitism and corruption. Would you really want to trade the Mexican system for the American system of government?

I believe Americans have the right to demand that our own culture be maintained and politicians have a responsibility to see to it that our melting pot stays boiling, and not to allow the establishment of a mosaic of conflicting cultures, ethnic ghettos, and racial divides.

The Congressional actions on the current immigration bill will have created an America that will be unrecognizable in 20 years. The cauldron of glue that has held us together in prior generations, will have been shattered and a fractious, disunited and dispirited America will be all that’s left, and the dream will have died.


Anonymous said...

I thought government was suposed to represent the hard working tax paying citizens. Instead it is working for the betterment of illegals who moch off our system and send money back to their country. Although if this billed passed with all democrats it would probably be more favorable to them.
Either way we are on our way to becoming the biggest welfare state in the world. So much for the great country we used to be.

NewGnome said...

Welfare is the word. In Connecticut their legislature just voted to give illegal immigrants "in state" tuition at Connecticut Universities. American citizens are not eligible. American students from other states won't get the in state status...don't you love the HATE AMERICANS first crowd?