Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Racism against whites is rampant in, of all places, the Congress of the United States of America. A white congressman (democrat no less) was told in no uncertain term that he would not be welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus. White congressman Stephen I. Cohen D-Tennessee who represents a heavily black district, promised to join the caucus because he felt he owed his constituents representation in that caucus.

Using that precedent I think that other organizations should also be allowed to exclude blacks from organizations who don’t want them. If the congressional racists at the very heart of our government can discriminate by race, so can all other organizations.Of course, even other blacks are excluded if they are not sufficiently liberal don’t toe the racist line.

More black racists display their true “color.” Maybe it's time to set up a White Congressional caucus in which black are not welcome.


Anonymous said...

"Blacks Not Welcome" Isn't one sided racism? The new lawsuits in our future will be discrimination agaonst whites who could not get the job that they were qualified for because of having to meet quotas.
Welcome to the new minority.

SARCON said...

I'm not going to hold my breath that we'll get the same "minority treatment" that current so-called minorities are getting. I will be decided that we won't be allowed to claim minority status. I can hear the cat calls not. NG