Friday, January 12, 2007


It’s taken Congressional Democrats about two seconds to begin showing their terminal hypocrisy and breaking the promises made during the campaign.

Pelosi: “Were going to work 5 day a week! Opppps...except for the first day were going to take off to watch a night football game.” A NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!

Pelosi: “No more unethical leaders: I nominate John Murtha for........ oh, and Mr. Franklin wants to thank the members of the black caucus for their standing ovation upon his resuming his seat in congress. He is confident that his cold cash in the freezer bribe money will be swept under the rug.”

Boxer: “I’m a feminist and women have the right to abort their children and I believe that Condi Rice is unfit for her position because she doesn’t have kids.” ......say what?

Reid: “I’m for the surge proposed by President Bush. Wait a second...I’m opposed to the Surge by president Bush.”

Pelosi: “We’re going to get six bills passed in the first hundred hours of this congress. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I only count the hours that I want to count, so it may take several thousand hours to actually get them passed.”

Clinton: “Wait, we haven’t actually really said we’d leave Iraq immediately. It may take several years to leave.”

Pelosi: "We're going to increase the minimum wage and that's final....except in American Samoa which is in my district. The American companies there won't have to pay the minimum wage, because they don't want to."

If you’re having a hard time deciphering the changing positions of the Democrat leadership, welcome to the club. It shouldn’t take long for the wild-eyed leftist blogosphere to see they’ve been had by the Democrats who have immediately began breaking all the promises made during the campaign.

To the you can see what has been obvious to us on the right for eons...fiberals wouldn’t know how to tell the truth or keep their promises if their lives depended on it, which they do. So to the leftosphere...I’m have been had by your precious Democrat leadership.


Anonymous said...

Steve made a great comment on BIO regarding the left's righteous move of raising the minimum wage. Now those that weren't making enough to get taxed on now will make just enough where they will have to pay tax. Good move dems! Hypocrisy at it's finest.

NewGnome said...

Sorry, TOS, you made a fatal assumption...that fiberals actually think before they act. Never happens.


Anonymous said...