Monday, January 01, 2007


Unbelievable IRONIES ON THE LAST DAY coarsening 2006.

Going through any newspapers and you can find ironies on a daily basis. The year’s last few days have been particularly good with amazing liberal ironies from the past year.

While writing this I’m watching Samuri in which Tom Cruise, via the rewriting of history, so he looks as though he’s a successful soldier who he opposed the war against American Indians in the west so he can reinforce his liberal letters.

The arrogant Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Knight Ridder, McClatchy and a host of others are going in the tank while conservative publications are growing, and these self-defined “brilliant” liberal journalists can’t seem to figure out why they’re losing money and readers.

Liberal papers, are firing people, even journalists, while demanding that other businesses quit outsourcing or firing their editor was fired because he wouldn’t reduce his news staff. This editor seems to think a “news”-paper which is losing money doesn’t have to make cuts in the news department.

YOUTUBE and MySpace, leaders in the coarsening of society grew to be worth billions, and yet liberals continue to wonder why Washington discourse has become putrid.

Liberal-hated WalMart ad chief Julie Roehm fooled around with a subordinate, accepting gifts and whose firing was lauded by liberals. Meanwhile, esteemed liberal leader Bill Clinton fooled around with a subordinate, received gifts from her, and liberal men and women praised Bill for doing the exact same what a female was castigated and fire for. I love FIBERALS. Their hypocrisy is so blatant, their blindness to it so obvious.

Liberals feed off sluts of the liberal stage, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan, while praising Maddona for her utter crassness and Christianophobic stage displays.

Liberals bend over backwards pushing hyper-sensitivity for American-killing Islam while making every effort to stifle Christians. Muslims using pages of the Bible as toilet paper is alright for liberals, but don’t you throw the Quran into a toilet in Guantanamo...that would be sacrilege.

Septic-mouthed, self-loathing super-liberal Rosie O’Donnell showed her true colors and displayed her amazing tolerance cutting Bill Clinton, with his infidelity, all the slack in the world. But Rosie called for the head of a young women in the Miss USA pageant, without cutting her any slack because of her obvious youth. I wonder if Rosie would cut her current “lover” slack if she cheated on Rosie, or if Rosie call for her "lovers" head too. Can you imagine how Rosie's screaming would be like if your lovers cheated on her...that would be too rich.

Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would be ethical. Yea Right. Do the names, Reid, Franklin, Murtha, Berger, Newton, Norman Jr., Black, Adkins, Siegelman, Ballance, Chvala, Pfeffer, Reggie, Berry,
Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Conyers, Corzine, Hevesi, Dorgan, Moran, Coleman, McDermott, Berman, Bruno, Menendez, Schumer, Boxer, Thompson, Waters, Mollohan, Campbell, Harkin, Dean, Daschle, Hoyer.....etc., etc., etc. mean anything. Democrats have a very short list from which to pick honest leadership and they ain't on the liberal side.

Liberals are so predictably corrupt. It’s only when they’re honest that one is surprised.


Anonymous said...

I see you've been doing some thinking for the new year. As must as I hate to say pay backs are a bitch,I can't wait to see much of it this year.
What a stupid American public we have falling for voting for the democrats without knowing anything about them except for using the Iraq war as their soapbox the war which most of them voted for but the public is so blindee they don't even know it.
Happy New Year NG(hopefully)

NewGnome said...

Yea...that thinking is painful...especially when I have to think about FIBS.......NG

Happy New Year.