Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Radical Islamofacists have attacked the government in Somolia to turn it into an Islamic/Sharia Law country killing Christians and anyone who opposed them. The IRFs want to forcibly convert all to Islam.

In Iran Islamofacists in the form of the government is planning to wipe Israel off the map according to their political leader.

In India, Islamofacists have attacked and killed Buddhists, Hindus and anyone not Muslim.

In Pakistan, Christians have been killed by Islamofacists simply for being Christians.

In Indonesia, Islmofacists have demanded that in one section of the country everyone be forcibly removed so they can set up an independent Islamic state.

Question #1 Since Rosie O’Donnell is so persuasive with fundamentalist Christians saying they are as bad as Islamofacists and said so on the “View,” could you Democrats get her to go to these countries and talk them out of killing everybody and forcing conversion to Islam? With her huge success with Donald Trump, I know she’d be successful.

Question #2 What are you going to do about these killings and forced conversions now that you’re in power?


Anonymous said...

How can you expect America Haters to stand up to our ememies? They pretend to love this country but want to do all they can to destroy and embarass us.

NewGnome said...

Rosie is definitely an embarrasssssment. Oppppps sorry for the typo. NG