Thursday, January 11, 2007


And BringItOn’s Tom Baker claims global warming is bad. He claims the preposterous theory that scientific peer review consensus is the same as science fact. But because of global warming, the cost of heating oil is way down, the cost of gasoline is way down and the oil companies aren’t making their huge profits over which BIO fiberals have conniptions fits. So much for his brain power. Meanwhile, Democrats are planning to put oil companies on the global warming hot seat...maybe that’s good since the hotter the seat, the lower the price of and need for, oil.

Less fossil fuels, less global warming. But critical thinking has never been his long suit. However in his defense, he is really good at hating Bush. It’s his main agenda.

The stupidity created by how fiberals have to pretzelize their thinking processes to come to the conclusions they reach is something to behold.


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