Wednesday, January 31, 2007


China has been completing a coal-fired power plant about every three days since early 2004.

China does not have the pollution scrubbing equipment on their coal-fired power plants as does America.

China is not a signatory to, nor country required by the Kyoto treaty to meet its strict pollution control requirements.

China will have more than 500 new coal-fired power plants within 5 years.

America is to blame for China’s pollution from their coal-fired power plants. It’s all perfectly logical from an environmentalist/global warming freak’s point of view because America has failed to sign the Kyoto Treaty so all of China’s greenhouse gases are America’s fault. It’s so obvious?

Check out the bar chart at the bottom of this December 2004 Christian Science Monitor article New coal plants bury 'Kyoto' by Mark Clayton. It makes it so clear why America is causing China to create more greenhouse gas than the US or India for that matter, if you think like a global warming alarmist.

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