Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Reading the headlines could make a person crazy, especially if your an anti-American Moveon.org Democrat and not a real Democrat.


Jimmy Carter, the alleged “best and nicest ex-president in history” goes to Germany to trash America in Der Speigel but won’t do it in America for the Moveon-Democrats.

Howard Dean on behalf of Moveon-Democrats, dumps on the real Democrat primary/caucus calendars and threaten to excommunicate any Democrat who complains about it.

Moveon-Democrats are trying to kick Joe Lieberman out of the party because he disagrees with them on exactly one issue. So much for the big tent theory for lock-stepping Moveon-Democrats.

Republicans are out fund-raising Moveon-Democrats by 3 to 1, despite Dean’s so-called miraculous netroots money raising prowess.

Rap music, the anthem for Moveon-Democrats, is demeaning and impregnating girls. Who would have guessed Moveon type music could do that. I always thought it was males.

Bill Cosby has had the temerity to demand that blacks take personal responsibility contradicting Moveon-Democrats that no one, except Republicans, are personally responsible for anything they may want to do.

Bill Clinton turned 60, which turns off Moveon-Democrat women, who wanted to cheat on Hillary with him.

And the worst cut of all, anti-birth, pro-abortion, Moveon-Democrats are having 41% fewer children than Conservatives. What would you expect when Moveon-Democrats are demanding that they be allowed to kill their babies. Even a Moveon ought to be able to figure this one out.

It’s a tough life out there being a Moveon-Democrat these days.


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Anonymous said...

An it shows with their rhetoric.