Saturday, August 12, 2006


Thousands of Americans, English and people of many other nationalities would be splattered in pieces at the bottom of the Atlantic if it weren’t for the Patriot Act that Democrats and the people of the hard-left have been trying to gut since it’s inception.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if those on the targeted 10 American planes were filled only with those do everything they can to hamstring America’s Security with every treasonous revelation in the NYT and stopping the provisions of the Patriot Act and NSA phone tapping of terrorists.

Democrats and Bill Clinton with their choices spawned the world of Islamofacists who now feel free to attack us. Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Kerry, Gore, Clinton Murtha and the rest of the hard left, including the NYT and "mainstream media" have blantantly politicized the war on terror to gain political power.

Let’s arrange for only these clueless idiots to get on planes that have not had been examined by guards using the elements of Patriot Act or the use of the NSA’s phone tapping terrorist calls. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about them. They would be eliminated by the Islamofacisits by a process of attrition. My reaction, good riddance! It’s ridiculous for those of us who approve of the way the President is fighting terrorism to have to fight the BIO, and NYT’s of the world SELL-OUT America every way they can.

Due to the implementation of the President’s programs, there hasn’t been one terrorist attack on America since 911, other that the terrorist attacks by the NYT, leftist bloggers, power-hungry Democrats and Soros Socialists.

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Anonymous said...

Yep the real enemies of America are the ones who don't care about protecting it. Their idea of protection is social programs and more taxes. Windbags!