Thursday, August 17, 2006


I once asked Tom Baker, alias CrankyLiberal, who was paying the bills for The blog had undergone expensive and extensive
renovation. In his personal statement on CL, Baker confirmed that he was being
paid. The way he put it, was that it keeps his kids in toys and under a roof, a direct reference to being paid for running a virulently hard-left blog.

Baker obfuscated his answer by asking other CL contributors if they were
getting any money for their posts. But he never categorically denied being
paid, and the reference in his bio sketch directly contradicted his
pathetic effort to obscure his answer.

Now Baker has moved on to a “cooperative” blog with his friends
at "Bring It On," perpetuating their Krishna-like mantra: “We hate Bush.”
They are being funded by a mysterious source of income. BIO is in the
same vain as, daily, and etc.

David Horowitz in his new book “The Shadow Party” described graphically
how billionaire hard-left socialist George Soros is using his billions in
co-opting the centerist Democrat Party and turning it into a hard left socialistic
cadre via leftist blogs, underground organizations and selected politicians like
Hillary Clinton, Harold Ickes and now Ned Lamont.

Which brings me to my question for Tom Baker, Dr.[not] Forebush or any other
“contributor” (read identified poster, which by the way include Paul Merda) to
Bring It On: Have any/all individually or collectively received, been promised,
accepted any funds, benefits in lieu of, equipment, vehicles, free use of building(s), services or free use of otherwise paid for informational contributions from any Soros organization, employee, advisor, or has any individual, groups of
individuals or relatives of BIO contributors received from Soros, his organizations, companies of any type, political committees, PACs, groups identified with or associated with Soros. If so, BIO is nothing more than a socialistic front for the Soros hard left machine.

Don’t expect an answer. Baker hid behind obfuscation the first time
I asked it, he will ignore it so he doesn’t have to admit it or attack NewsGnome
to avoid answering (which is the preferred method of far left radicals ala Hillary

It is an insidious effort to undermine America and is no less destructive than
the methods incorporated by Osama bin Laden and radical Islam. Soros and his BIO type minions are trying to destroy America from within. Soros can’t stand freedom. He is a socialist/communist at heart for everybody else but himself. He undermines it at every opportunity so he can steal billions from you and I.

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Anonymous said...

Soros another rich liberal pretending to care but the only agenda he has is to oust the republicans and pay for votes.