Saturday, August 26, 2006


In a short time, a paper by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist John Lyman will announce that ocean depths IN JUST TWO YEARS...2003 to 2005 have lost 20% of all the heat in the top 2500 feet of the oceans collected over the past century This flies in the face of computer model predictions, is totally unexpected, and contradicts rabid global warming “experts” who have no explanation.

The lemur-like liberal global-warmingists are brain-dead when it comes to impartial truthful examination of alleged facts predicted by computer models. What this news tells me is that we are at the beginning of a new ice age. Look for the GWer’s to start blaming global warming for causing the coming ice age.

As for NewsGnome....I’m going on record predicting this is the beginning of a new ice age. It’s a fortuitious time since those dead GW brains can be put on the ice, and won’t stink from rotting away in their bony sculls.



Anonymous said...

Let's see what is next that they can "pull out of a hat"

NewGnome said...

They don't need a hat, TOS, they need a raft...the earth if flooding, the earth is! HELP!