Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Lefty liberal Lisa Kudrow was on Jay Leno the other day and
inadvertently criticized “socialized medicine” in describing
an incident she suffered at a French Hotel.

Seems she was swimming and was kicked in the ear by a child
when she was getting out of the hotel swimming pool. She believed she
had a punctured eardrum, but was told by hotel officials that
it was just “ear wax” and doctors were NOT available until Monday.

Turns out she really did have a punctured eardrum. Unfortunately,
the damage occurred on Saturday and she lost 10% of her hearing.
Message, don’t get hurt on the weekend in a country with socialized
medicine. Is that the kind of medicine you want in America?

She had to call her personal doctor in Los Angeles who told her what
to do until Monday. This wild-eyed liberal said well “that’s
socialized medicine” which is what she, Hillary and the rest of Hollywood
are trying to foist on the rest of us. They, of course, have enough
money to ignore socialized medicine and call their personal
physicians, getting the kind of care they want.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the horror of Socialized Medicine is definitely scary. Not only that,it will cost us more in our paychecks.They crack me up with that.