Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, folks, I’m changing my mind on global warming! I finally believe
that we have global warming and it’s all man-caused. Why? Because
there’s been a heat wave across America and Europe killing
hundreds, and since I’ve said I’ll believe global warming is all
man-caused when “hell freezes over,” I’ve got to change my mind.

Well, hell has frozen over...and the storm’s remnants have hit South Africa
where it’s snowed. I feel so relieved that I now believe GW is all man’s fault.

The fact that the sun has increase its radiance by .05 per cent
per decade during periods of slack sunspot activity for the past
40 years has nothing to do with man-caused global warming and by
stopping the use of fossil fuels we humans can actually change the
amount of heat from the sun hitting the earth is just thrilling.

It makes me feel just I can go around blaming
George W. Bush for everything. It’s so liberating to know that nothing
is my fault, no matter what I may do. Only problem is, is that Satan is
“steaming” about hell freezing over and has put a contract out on the Texas Tyrant.


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Anonymous said...

George Bush is so powerful he can even increase the sun's radiance? Amazing!