Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here's a bet for the first to respond on the second term.  I will bet a chocolate malt that by the end two years of Barack Obama's second term, a large portion of his voters will have serious buyers remorse and that the mid-terms will be worse for Democrats that in 2010.  That would mean a turn over to Republicans of the Senate, and a pickup of at least 12 more house seats. 

Obama is good at campaigning, hiring David Alexrod to turn out the vote, paid for voters, buying low intellect voters with free stuff, and blaming everybody but himself for his own failures.  

Obama, however is terrible at actually doing anything.  His plate is full and he is not intellectually capable of understanding what is required to solve America's problems let alone lead the world to freedom, democracy and peace.  He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Any hearty sole out there with the guts to commit to the bet?  Obviously, this is a token bet.  But while American's who voted for Obama Claus are walking on air today, they'll soon be walking on glass from the dogs of war.
 Back when Barry's hair was a little darker.


Anonymous said...

You don't really proofread anymore do you? Wipe the hate away from your eyes and actually read what you write.


NewsGnome said...

Hi Lonely, I take it you didn't like the oblique Muslim shoe reference. Well so be it. I'm amazed you are still looking at my site. Hope you like the next four years as much as you liked the last. They'll be much worse, provided Barry doesn't get impeached for Libya first.

Anonymous said...

hate and find peace in your life-Translation-How dare you say anything against King Obama.
I guess some people hve short term memoryloss

I guess then it was called free speech