Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Luck can deliver cruel retaliation.   What every gambler knows is that beginners luck never stays, but the gambler believes that it will last forever.  He believes that he will always have it available to him.  In the long run his gambles will be larger and more frenetic as he sees his luck begins to fade.   The more it vanishes the more desperate he becomes and the more desperate become his decisions.

That is the place in which Barack Obama finds himself today.  He is thinking that his luck is continuing.  Yes, he’s been lucky.  He had two years of complete control over the agenda, and to this point he has not had to pay the gamblers price yet.  But times they are achangin’. 

During the second two years of his administration he gutted the American economy with the help of uninformed voters who came back to support him despite his dismal record.  He was lucky when his spies recorded 47%  truth that, of course, he twisted into lies.  He was very lucky when Mitt Romney was extending a good lead and Sandy struck and took Romney’s momentum at the most critical time of his campaign and destroyed it. 

The Benghazi story has been gutted with the media’s knowing culpability and help again twisting the narrative: this, despite the deaths of four brave Americans including an ambassador. With Obama’s help the obvious Benghazi basic story was turned into “who said what and when” not “who DID what and when” and most important of all, “Who made the fateful decisions at critical times.”  These revelations will come out.

This false luck has taken Obama to heights never imagined.  He has made some huge assumptions, assumptions he has no right to attempt to implement.  But because he thinks he still has beginner’s luck his power will continue unabated and undiminished for a time.  But what goes up this high will come crashing down with equal, if not more powerful, detonation.  His hubris is unlimited; his fall will be catastrophic to him and to America.

But the storm is gaining power, and Sandy will be but a breeze by comparison.  Presidents like to think about their legacy in the second term.  Obama’s thoughts are going in a different direction.  He believes in his heart-of-hearts that he will have a third and beyond.   He is putting into place policies in the depths of the bureaucratic mafia that be believes will insure his continued reign.
Once again, Israel will be at the center of Obama’s collapse and ultimately cement his legacy as the worst president in the history of America.  His luck is turning.  The issues of American and the world are aligning against him and he is blinded by his assumption he can’t lose.  It’s a gambler’s mentality.

What is happening in Iran, Egypt and Syria coupled with the tenacity that Israel has to survive will make some issues that he will not be able to address.  His thinking is already anti-Israel though he claims the opposite.  What is likely to happen is total war in the Middle East.  If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, which doesn’t seem to worry Obama, it won’t be America who will, in mortal fear, launch against Iran.  Egypt is likely to turn into a long-time civil war.  Syria is already in that kind of war.  Turkey and Saudia Arabia will do whatever it takes to neutralize Iran with or without America and Obama will get the blame either way.

Against this backdrop, Israel will become an even more hated target.  Iran’s leadership is so unstable and fanatical it will assume it can use that bomb with impunity.  It can’t.  The price for Obama thinking he still has his beginners luck will turn America into a defender of Israel despite Obama’s hate of the Jewish state.  Obama’s price for his reliance on luck will make him the recipient of the blame for the war that will tear the Middle East apart. 

At home, with the economy in shambles, as it is, he will begin to reap the rewards of an insane series of economic policies that are just starting to destroy with painful efficiency the poor and jobless.  Obama can no longer blame George W. Bush.  It is now his record that is to blame.  The American people are so divided by his perpetual policies of divide and conquer through hate, envy, fear and racism, the hallmarks of his campaign and the fundamental elements of his administration that the results are fearsome to contemplate. 

America is so alienated with Obama pitting one side against the other that it is a very dry tinderbox on the verge of explosion.  As the failures of Obama’s policies begin to take their toll on those uninformed voters who won’t get what they think they’ve been promised, they will begin to turn, and the hate will be palpable and returned to Obama in the same vindictive way he has led America.  He again will lose the luck he thinks he has. In the end, the hate he will have generated and used will ultimately become his legacy. 

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