Friday, November 09, 2012


I am 70-something and I have come to the realization that the world of freedom and liberty no longer exists.  The Constitution and the American dream are dead, dead, dead.  Presidential edict now rules Washington.  At times like these, there are historical references that can cited.  When there is forcible regime change, or in this case, the demolition of a free democracy, there will be blood. It is inevitable. 

For the elders, the blood will come in the form of death panels ensconced in a bureaucratic office of Washington.  For the younger, it will be the blood of wars, now that the rest of the violent world will, by its nature; take advantage. Obama’s young not innocent but ignorant supporters will supply the blood in frantic efforts to fend off the Attila the Huns of this era. 

That “old” history will remain unread and deemed irrelevant to the I-phone and I pad generation. They are destine to repeat that history and may even come to regret it but their willful ignorance will obscure any reason why.   

This group of pathetically uneducated youth, staggering around and tripping on curbs while staring into their “hand-held-devices” consuming “social media’s pop culture” will continue to be oblivious to the world around them, and those who are looking up and aware will enslave the woefully ignorant and unaware.  The eyes of the oblivious will remain glued to thin luminescent screens and will have capitulated to a tyrant without ever realizing it.

What is ironic is these soldiers in the trenches who believed they won a great battle on November 6, 2012 will pay with their freedom, their money and their health.  But most of all, they’ll wonder what happened, and with their fearsome, perpetual ignorance of history will not be unable to explain who did what and why! 

Their failure to educate themselves with the greatest educational tool in history right in the palms of their hands will have surrendered and accepted the consequences of slavery via massive ignorance and unconscious submission.

Those who conduct future historical examinations of why this “hand-held-device-generation” so passively and submissively abandoned their own freewill will be mystified as to why they gave up freedom for servitude without the least bit of fight.  

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