Saturday, November 10, 2012


After nearly a week of reflection on the election it is time to consider the major campaign themes Barack Obama unconditionally embraced.    

They were very simple: envy, hate, fear and racism.

ENVY: Obama is totally filled with jealousy of the wealthy and embraces and preaches envy.  The Bain campaign was illustrative of his true nature and cynical beyond comprehension.  Obama has made success, honor, charity and love of America dirty words. 

HATE:  Obama taught in this campaign that Americans should hate anyone that is more successful than they are.  He taught, in this campaign, that anyone who follows the rules or who would suggest that you should control your own behavior no matter how vial that behavior may be, is depraved.

FEAR:  Obama taught us to fear anyone who might suggest that hard work, moral behavior and adherence to the constitution would be good rules to follow.  A good man was vilified by evil men. There will be hell to pay as a result for generations.

RACISM:  Barack Obama revealed his racism as did 95% of blacks.  Obama didn’t get 95 per cent of the vote because of his policies.  He got 99.9% per cent of the black vote, in some precincts, because they voted for his race. Romney didn't get one vote.  What does that say about those herded to the poles like cattle.  I suggest that 95 per cent of white voters follow the example of blacks and vote only white candidates as did those racist blacks. They've got their 14% unemployment which will rise in the next four years thanks to Obama.

In the next four years those black voters will have fewer jobs, fewer opportunities, less respect and growing ignorance of American’s exceptionalism destroying themselves in the process.

But the saddest of all is that America will never know the personal quality of Mitt Romney’s abilities and by extension his capability to have turned our economy around benefiting the black, brown and white populations and giving the world a direction that would bring it out of its own misery.

Sal Alinsky advised progressives to make elections about small things.  David Alexrod didn’t exactly follow his directions.  What Alexrod did was to make this election about very biggest things in America: the destruction of the highest principles upon which America stands and was founded.

Alexrod chose to destroy American’s principles using ENVY, HATE, FEAR and RACISM.  These are NOT the fundamental principles that have guided us for 235 years. But now they are the deadly weapons that have been inserted into the American politic.

The weapons Obama and Alexrod used to “kill Romney” (that is Democrat-speak for how to defeat Romney) will become the guiding standard for Democrats who will use them to “kill” any other politician who has morals and integrity and the qualities of honor, faith, morality and success. 

We will now have a disaster of four years to suffer through.  The takers have won.  Obama Claus rules.  America is Greece.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe that Obama's campaign ran on more fear than Romney's?

You are a very sad person and I hope that you find peace in your life.

NewsGnome said...

I have peace in my life. That is until Obama destroys it in his next term. Yes, you just can accept the real nature of Obama's hate and willingness to do anything to get elected. Good luck in the next four years, you'll need it as will we all. Obama is ruled by hate of America. You just won't admit it.