Wednesday, November 07, 2012


    The takers have taken America.  The welfare class wants your money and they have Barack Obama to help them get what they want.  Unfortunately, for them and for America, they'll get what they've had for the passed four years and all Obama will do is blame the Republican House of Representatives. 

    Greece is now America.  Rioting in the streets is inevitable for the goodies from Obama Claus. 

    Here are my predictions in the first year of Obama's second term.

  1. Gasoline prices will exceed $7.00 perhaps as high as $9.00.
  2. Food prices will continue to rise and double.
  3. Most stocks will drop up to 50% and pensions will collapse.
  4. Home gas and oil prices will double.
  5. Freedom of speech, religion and gun ownership  are under more threat than ever.
  6. Unemployment will rise to 12%.
  7. Racial divides will increase stoked by the Racism of Obama.
  8. Hate and division will expand.
  9. Conservatives will have their positions justified by the continued failure of Obama's economic policies.
  10. Medical care costs will skyrocket to unbelievable levels and continue.
  11. Obama will continue to try to rule as a king, giving edicts with the expectation of  obsequious subjugation .  Liberals will give it to him, conservatives will not.
  12. Obama's next four years will be much worse than his first.
  13. Obamatons, you got Obama back. You deserve what you've voted for.

  14. Obama will continue blaming George W. Bush and the takers will continue to believe him while they watch their lives collapse around them, but never blame Obama.

    America will be on the knifes-edge of revolt.  Obama and Harry Reid won't help. God help us.


Anonymous said...

NG I am not giving up ever. I think we need to get down in the gutter ever so much more with fighters in our party. Look how empowered Obama became after the 2010 elections.
we need to play their game if only to get out the message.

NewsGnome said...

Dear Tos, My next post will be about the game Obama played. It is a grim reality that the a little more than 1/2 of the American people bought lock, stock and barrel. The only satisfaction that one can derive is the fact that these very same people will have to live in the world they voted for for four more years. And it will only get worse.

But, We do need to get the message out more effectively. But I don't want to sink to the level of this hateful, envious president. He will provide four more years of disaster, and the country will see it. You can only blame others for so long before people begin to see the truth and hate you for this case Barack Obama. NG