Tuesday, November 06, 2012


When voters go into the polls to select a president this year the question weighing on their minds will be: Do I want four more years of this president?  Almost nothing else matters.  Those who think Barack Obama did a good job, given the problems when he went into office, will take the plunge and look forward to four more years of an economy that is eating America alive. 

Those who want Romney are simply fed up with Obama and understand that he has no clue how to turn America around.  More important they’re scared.  Four more years of a man who doesn’t have any compunctions about stomping on the Constitution to get his way and voters are afraid we will lose the fundamental values of America.

I believe there is a third group of voters who will make their choice in the polling booth.  Those voters have refused to really let their decision be known.  They don’t want to be seen as voting against the first black president.  But the economy is their fear. Elderly voters have watched their retirements collapse.  Some young people are looking at a stark job picture.  College students are torn.  They hear Obama trying to buy them with the student loan while seeing their prospect of a career decimated.   

The secrecy of the voting booth is the reason Mitt Romney will win. Fear of the current president is a palpable driver.

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