Sunday, May 02, 2010


Have you ever noticed how much the Obama Regime and his cohorts in the media sound like King George and his minions when it comes to their response to the Tea Party Movement.

To quote Baracle Obama: "We are going to force you to pay for medical insurance whether you want to or not or can afford it or not," just like King George attempted to forced the stamp act on the colonists whether they wanted it or not, and whether they had representation or not.

Poll after Poll during the Congressional vote showed voters didn't want the Obamacare monstrosity, but Obama and his accomplices said "let them eat teleprompter" and like King George shoved it down our throats. Well, America is soon to throw up all over him and the Congress when it comes back up in November.

King George lost the colonies, Obama will loose the House and maybe the senate and his march to Socialism will come to a screeching halt and for the next two years, he can play golf with Tiger and chase skirts…. oooppppps…golf balls and quit trying to impose European socialism on America.

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