Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not the greatest fan of Mitt Romney, but America's financial system is collapsing and we've got to do something. Of all the candidates out there, he is the only one who has the financial savvy to save our American system. Obviously, Obama's socialistic takeover of America is a disaster. The money supply is shrinking to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Obama wants to rule, not govern. He is the man who would be King!

If you want unemployment, a dawdling president who forgets our veterans and goes on vacation instead of recognizing the brave servicemen and women at Arlington who keep us free with the ultimate sacrifice, pisses all over the Constitution, embraces our enemies and dumps on our allies…then by all means vote Democrat and Obama…because that's what we're getting from them.

I swear 30 per cent of Americans who support the current idiot in the White House are brain dead. His policies are failures. Jobs aren't expanding. Businesses are growing. Obama's enemy list starts with Arizona, but Iran and North Korea are ok. He uses Chicago politics to run the country, and the Joe Sestak bribe to enforce his illegal policies.

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Anonymous said...

amazing and sickening.