Friday, April 30, 2010


Has New York Times Paul Krugman columnist and economist inadvertently revealed what caused the explosion on the oil platform in his column today? He pondered how long it would be before conservatives would blame Barack Obama for the explosion that left 11 dead and a huge oil leak threatening the coasts in the Gulf of Mexico.

By writing his assertion, he makes me wonder if an "environmental/liberal" union worker planted an explosive device that created the blast that caused this mess. His written meanderings make me wonder if he has purposefully exposed what really happened. Krugman's accusation suddenly makes light of his anti-energy-independence-for-America position.

Here are the questions that he forces me to ask relating to this horrendous event:

l. Was the blast caused by the setting of an IED by anti-oil environmentalist?
2. Was the objective to stop the oil survey proposed by Obama?
3. Is this event just what Obama needed to give himself cover to stop America's effort to become energy independent using oil and as one element of freedom?
4. Are there environmental/liberals who would be willing to sacrifice American lives to stop oil drilling?
5. Would environmentalists/liberals who would be willing to destroy American's economy to justify the murder of American oilmen?
6. Do environmentalists/liberals have the means, motive and opportunity to pull off a dastardly deed like this?
7. Would Mr. Krugman and other environmentalists/liberals consider the costs of an attack such as this be worth the costs or in other words, do the ends justify the means, a premise already advanced and justified by Obamaites and Saul Alinsky wannabes?
8. Is Mr. Krugman feeling guilty about "truther" accusations and making this assertion now to get in front of the questions that are sure to come, given the anti-American agenda he preaches?

Thank you, Mr. Krugman, for posing a question about what really happened on that Gulf of Mexico oil-platform that would not have occurred to me. Only from a liberal would you get this kind of convoluted thinking. Apparently, it occurred to you, and perhaps you're right, the explosion was a bomb set off by an Obama follower.

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