Monday, May 17, 2010


If you're a Democrat you've got to asking yourself, "HOW STUPID CAN I BE." Well, the answer is plenty stupid. Nancy Pelosi said that creative types should quit their jobs because the government will pay for their health care.

There is so much stupidity in her statement you have to be brain dead not wonder if she real said that or if it was a Tea Party reporter trying to make her look dumber that she already looks. First, a big percentage creative types are young and are less likely to need a lot of health care than older creative types would. But they all need to eat, have shelter and have transportation.

Does this mean than numbskull Nancy will provide their housing, transportation and food too? I'm telling ya, that to be a Democrat today must make it tough to look at yourself in the mirror because an idiot will be looking back at you if you subscribe to this utter nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I heard that stupid blathering idiot. This woman is nothing short of a fringe that I have ever seen the likes of. And they make fun of Bachman and Palin.

Did you hear her latest rant about the "Word",
Welcome to the United States of the looniest administration we ever had.
I swear I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone. How can this be for real?


NewGnome said...

tos...good comparison. "Twilight Zone." Hopefully it won't be real for very much longer. NG