Monday, May 10, 2010


Turns out that there are some similarities between President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They both nominated totally inexperienced women attorneys and neither have been judges. Obama picked his U.S. solicitor general while Bush nominated the White House council Harriet Miers. Neither have judicial experience. She had done nothing that qualifies her for a judicial career. Even Democrats are cringing at this appointment. She obviously hates the military and like Obama detests America since it's not socialistic.

Unfortunately, She had no judicial temperament to consider. She's as far left as Obama is. She has no judicial restraint in considering the constitutional elements of a case and feels no obligation to implement the law of the Constitution and from what she has written and said and done, she has no compunction in "rewriting the constitution." She doesn't consider it inviolate.

Who should have guessed that Obama was this stupid…well, that is a forgone conclusion shouldn't be surprised..

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