Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Los Angeles City Council has voted to boycott Arizona because of their new immigration law. Fair enough, but I suggest we boycott the boycotter...ALL PRODUCTS FROM LOS ANGELES AND WHY NOT ALL OF CALIFORNIA. Wouldn't it be interesting if Arizona decided to cut of the power buys from them as a reminder that a two-edged sword cuts two ways. Or, cut it off for a week or two....just to get their attention.

California Liberals have been attempting for force the rest of America to accept their socialistic policies and anti-family values. So we should have the right to boycott LA products.

I generally hate boycotts, but this is a way to prove how ridiculous they are. If you don't go to Los Angeles, you can avoid being mugged, murdered or raped, as is happening there and in Arizona. Los Angeles doesn't care about their citizens be attacked by the illegal immigrants who commit these dastardly crimes...and it's only getting worse.

Many more states are contemplating the Arizona law. What is LA going to do, boycott the rest of America.

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