Sunday, February 12, 2006


The Times Online is running a story about how Virginia Governor Mark Warner is “sneaking” up on Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Presidential nomination race. Why? Because Meg Hirschberg whose husband runs an organic yoghurt company in New Hampshire says: “I just want somebody with decent values who can win. It’s nothing to do with Hillary personally. It’s irrational and unfair, but she is polarising.” (British spellings)

My question is different, Meg is right. Hillary is a loser. But do we really want another deep-south Democrat Governor? Just consider the last two we've had.....Jimmy Carter, who was and is a walking disaster and Bill Clinton who created Osama bin Laden. Carter's presidency was a miserable failure and he is an even a worse ex-president. Somebody ought to hand him back his hammer and tell him to keep it mouth shut. His comments at the Corretta Scott King funeral were hopelessly out of place. Her funeral was to celebrate her life, not for him to give his petty pot shots.

Then there was Bill Clinton a convicted liar, who had the Bubble Presidency. It was pretty and shiny outside, but full of nothing but air. His "so-called" economy was a bubble, his fangless response to terrorists led to 911, gutting of the military made it more difficult for us to respond, promoting oral sex as not sex has created an epidemic in schools, not to mention harassing women with almost nothing to show for his presidency but a blue dress and an angry, bitter wife.

Perhaps the Democrats should look to the mid-west or far west for someone who starts off without the deep-south millstone around their neck.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear today how FEMA was blamed for Katrina? I'll bet they are loving that today. If Bill Clinton were president I'l bet they wouldn't even be having this investigation. Not only that,they had no choice but to blame the government for the poor black people,otherwise it would make them look bad. FEMA did no better when Hurricane Floyd hit in 1999. But no outcry because they weren't poor and black.
Imagine if KKK Byrd was elected to the Republican Party? It would be more of the same.

NewGnome said...

Yea, blame is the main issue of the Democrats. It's Bush's fault, Cheney's fault, Rumsfelt fault, Rice's fault, Browns fault.

I really wonder how many of these fiberals would let their 21 year-old daughter spend the night alone with Bill Clinton.

FEMA took two-weeks to get the victims of Hurricane complaint from fibs. The Fibs had control of the state, city and police in Louisiana during Katrina and it should have been a liberal paradise but for some reason it wasn't, I wonder wasn't FEMA. NG