Saturday, February 18, 2006


Who has contributed most to increasing green house gases?


Reason: Because they’re attempting to dictate political policies based on their intractable concept of political correctness rather
than rational study.

Example: One of the cleanest sources of energy is NUCLEAR. If the PC enviros hadn’t ended expansion of Nuclear energy, the amount of “greenhouse gases they so deplore would have been reduced for more than 25 years.

We would be less dependant on just fossil fuels. Inevitable progress is nuclear power would have been improving the power source, but environmentalists made it so expensive in court, it brought the advancement of nuclear energy to a screeching halt.

Today, we would be less dependant on foreign oil.

# The Vallecitos Nuclear Power Plant near Pleasanton, Calif., was jointly built by PG&E and General Electric Company and operated from 1957 to 1967. This was a small, 30 megawatt power plant. On October 19, 1957, Vallecitos connected to the electrical grid and became the first privately funded plant to supply power in megawatt amounts to the electric utility grid. The plant was shut down in December 1967. The plant is in SAFSTOR and there are no plans for any significant dismantlement in the foreseeable future. All nuclear fuel has been removed from the site.

# The 63 MW Boiling Water Reactor at the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant in Eureka was in operation by PG&E from August 1963 to July 1976. It was the seventh licensed nuclear plant in the United States. It was closed because the economics of a required seismic retrofit could not be justified following a moderate earthquake from a previously unknown fault just off the coast. It was permanently shut down July 2, 1976, and retired in 1985. The plant was then placed in SAFSTOR (with spent nuclear fuel rods stored in water pools on site) until anticipated full decommissioning in 2015. See more on SAFSTOR below.

# The 913 MW Pressurized Water Reactor at the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant, located about 25 miles south of Sacramento, is owned by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in [sic] and was [sic] operation from April 1975 to June 7, 1989. It was closed by public referendum.

# The 436 MW San Onofre Unit 1 Pressurized Water Reactor was in operation from January 1968 to November 30, 1992. It was closed by its owners rather than incur $125 million in required modifications.

FALSE SOLUTION: Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to raise gas prices to reduce fossil fuel use. Once again, environmentalist’s inability to think clearly and into the future has made the alleged “man-caused” problem worse.

Thank you, environmentalists, your policies have created more “hot air” than cars ever did.



Anonymous said...

I think their talking out of their butts is causing alot of pollution as well.

NewGnome said...

Let's take up a collection for Preparation H/Listerine...maybe that'll help the pollution problem. NG