Sunday, March 13, 2011


Seeing the violent and threatening demonstrations in the Wisconsin capitol by Wisconsin Teachers Union has certainly taught us all the real lessons of collective bargaining by public employees.

These teachers had the chance to teach children in Wisconsin how our American system was designed to work. They could have taught that elections are held to determine what path a state will take and that those who win elections have a right, bestowed by voters, to rule.

The teachers could have shown their students that when the voters elect a new governor of a different party it means that the policies that new governor promised the voters during the election would be implemented.

Instead the teachers chose encouraged Wisconsin Democrat legislators leave the state attempting to thwart the will of the people expressed at the ballot box. Are these the teachers the National Education Association Union really want us to have. Teachers who demand more than the private sector in pensions, benefits, tenure, collective bargaining even if it bankrupts the state, and tells the students to they don't care about America, the Constitution of the students themselves?

How many employees are allowed to pick their bosses and then negotiate with those same bosses for their wages and benefits?

What are the lessons of these teachers who walked out of the class room and ignored the needs of the students?

What are the lessons the students learned when the Republican legislators received threats of death from union policy supporters?

Was the lesson taught by teachers and unions, that bankrupting the state in which they teach is a more important lesson than fiscal discipline to save an essentially bankrupt state? The lesson learned is that Wisconsin teachers have questionable honesty, and that the WTU is more important than the state and students and that it is acceptable for Wisconsin legislators can leave anytime they want to avoid their responsibility to vote on legislative issues despite their responsibilities to the people.


Anonymous said...

I find it ironic how the left who always complain about our education system think its good for teachers to be guaranteed a lifetime job regardless of performance when we can have more qualified teachers teaching our kids.

Speaking of negotiating with their bosses,those bosses are the taxpayer

Unlike comparing Obama's election to that of Gov Walker's,Obama's agenda was well hidden at least from the majority because an uniformed electorate is their best customer.


NewGnome said...

TOS, An interesting conclusion that Obama really does consider Americans unadulterated idiots, especially when compared to himself.