Saturday, February 19, 2011


Wind has snapped the National Christmas Tree and is very symbolic of Barack Obama's presidential regime. The tree snapped and is lying on the ground. Politically, gusts of wind, known as the midterm election blew in an leveled Obama's administration. All that is left of this out of control president is a stump with a few limbs sticking out.

The tree may live for a while through the limbs, but the tree is already scheduled to be replaced. That's what must happen in 2012. It would have taken years for the tree to return to even a deformed shape of health. Can this administration understand the felling of the our National Christmas Tree?

The world appears to be in the throes of a collapse. The middle east with the one Muslim county in a seriously questionable situation, and 5 more on the verge of potential collapse, just like the National Christmas Tree, could spin out of control with Muslim radicals taking the reigns of government? Obama hasn't got a clue what to do.

Our economy just sustained another piece of bad news. Unemployment has jumped again. The job market is a continuing disaster. It is said the real unemployment is said to be ten per cent. But under-employed and those who've quit looking for work is somewhere around 17 to 20 per cent. Another illustration of the broken Christmas tree.

States are having to take steps to fight off bankruptcy. Unions are demanding that they not be required to take real steps to help the financially falling states, falling just as the Christmas on the capital mall fell.

Everywhere we look there is collapse. Average people who've seen their income plunge are watching unions demand exclusion from state bankruptcy pain.

Our friends have been slighted and our enemies have seen Obama bow and scrape to them. The US Constitution has been designated irrelevant by Obama and his far left administration. He is trying to cut down that constitution and watch it fall.

Norm Chomsky is calling from revolution. Administrative policies are straight out of Sal Alinsky's "Rules for Radical" are operational. Efforts to eliminate all things Christian has been going full blast. Again the President and those of his ilk, want to see Christ fall and the Christmas tree fall.

Yes, the fall of the Christmas Tree is symbolic of the crash of the this administration.

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