Friday, March 18, 2011


This is getting ridiculous. Why don’t we just shut down all energy production all together eliminating all businesses, jobs, income, transportation and food production? That would solve all problem issues listed by idiot environmentalists who haven’t got a reasonable thought in their tiny little pea brains.

Hydroelectric power destroys rivers and streams. Coal and oil pollute the air. Nuclear gives us radiation poisoning. Natural gas drilling pollutes the water supply. Geothermal changes temperatures in the earth’s crust causing potential earthquakes. Wind power cause medical problem for nearby residents along with the massive visual pollution. Solar power causes economic havoc making power so expensive it destroys incentive. Wave power alters the ocean currents and damages coast lines. Hydrogen is still in the future. We have no storage for alternative sources of energy rendering them a cruel joke and mule power creates a health hazard and flies.

If we just began eliminating humans from the earth to the point that we have only camp fires, we can get rid of all the problems currently plaguing mankind. The real pollution is humanity. Environmentalists could start their “Final Solution” immediately by eliminating their own families from the earth. Perhaps they would want to re-activate Auschwitz.

Once humanity has been eliminated and the last person on earth has no food, no family, no future, we could leave a gun with a single bullet for him/her to finish the job and forever de-pollute the earth.

If this post sounds a tad insane, it is essentially what environmentalists are suggesting and working for in the ultimate scheme of humanity. And that is truly insane.

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