Thursday, March 17, 2011


How ironic that Barack Obama’s self-imposed moratorium on drilling for all types of energy may be the thing that will lead him to defeat in 2012. With earthquakes destruction of Japan’s nuclear plants and the rest of the world now questioning of nuclear power for themselves, more pressure than ever will be put on carbon based power sources.

Oil, coal, natural gas and shale costs will go up and be needed more than ever. Yet Obama has done everything he can to stop these sources. Economists are already predicting the demolition of the anemic Obama recovery that is teetering on the brink of collapse already.

I listened to a Sierra Club spokesman on the Kudlow report the other day. There was also a person taking the other side of the issue of power. After each opened their arguments, the Sierra Club Spokesman immediate launched into a personal against the one presenting his position, and then when Larry Kudlow demanded that the Sierra Club Spokesman apologize for his personal attack, refused to say anything.

To my knowledge, Kudlow did the right thing and refused to allow the Sierra Club Spokesman to return to the discussion. But it was very illustrative of the lack of argument that the environmentalists have when it comes to energy.

The spokesman said that we are doing well and can begin using electric cars to take the place of gas power cars. That argument is too stupid to really respond to but since environmentalists accept the theoretical concept of shifting to electric cars as a solution. WOULD IT BE TOO MUCH TO POINT OUT THAT THOSE ELECTRIC CARS WOULD, FOR THE MOST PART, BE CHARGED WITH COAL OR NUCLEAR POWER GENERATED ELECTRICITY? How can environmentalists be so assertively stupid?

I was disappointed in Kudlow for failing to point the spokesman’s logical fallacy during the discussion.

But the problems with energy, are becoming so severe that to fail to start drilling soon, could send America into a depression that would surpass the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s, all because of Barack Obama’s effort to demolish American exceptionalism.

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