Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Is Barack Obama the new Midas? Since he has taken office everything he has touched has turned to “something.” I wouldn’t call it gold, but a compound that is literally destroying everything this world has known.

Midas was so enamored of gold that he wanted everything he touched to turn to gold, and when he got his wish it destroyed everything he held dear.

Now Obama is having the same problem. Everything he touches, aims his rhetoric at or expresses an interest in is demolished. The entire energy situation in America, now the world, is collapsing because of Obama’s hate for oil, coal, natural gas and any energy source other than green. Even green energy is proving to be an utter failure because of Obama’s utter unrealistic faith in it, and it’s total inability to supply the energy and jobs he thought were possible if he expressed his love for it.

He wanted a new American approache’ to Islam and the Arab world now they are in flames and Islam is turning on Islam, Arab on Arab, and Shiite on Sunni. Thank you Mr. Obama!

The Constitution is in shreds. Obama has announced that he personally decided that he will not recognize as Constitutional the Defense of Marriage Act. Not that he will ask the Supreme Court to make the decision but that it is his decision usurping the US Supreme court and shredding the Constitution in the process. Perhaps a future president can unilaterally reject the decision about Roe v. Wade, Obamacare or some other conservative by presidential fiat!

Medical care in America, another focus of Obama’s attention is in the decline. The Obamacare costs are skyrocketing and advances in medicine declining.

Obama announced his support of Unions, both financially and rhetorically, and now Unions are being destroyed in concept and actuality crashing. Under Obama unions, have begun to assume that they can do anything while Obama is in the White House. They are showing themselves for what they have really become, greedy power hungry dictators whose main purpose is not the benefit of their members, but the exercise of unbridled power.

And headlines in many newspapers have begun to discuss the massive decline in America as the leader of the free world. Yes Obama has touched America and the world’s view of American exceptionalism has been destroyed. Even Arab countries have asked us to act in Libya, not Saudi Arabia, America. But once again Obama has chosen to rhetorically turn his attention to Libya and Kaddafi ignores him.

The only difference between the disaster that was Midas and the disaster that is Obama is what he touches turns into….At least Midas touch turned things to gold, Obama turns things to crap.

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