Sunday, October 31, 2010


It is becoming more and more apparent that non-Muslims can no longer trust which Muslim mosque, school, charitable organization, Imams or individual Muslims foments terror. We simply don’t know whether there is a “Muslim” constituency that does not support fatwa’s, murdering infidels, promoting Jihad, and forced Islamic conversion, which means you can trust none.

Now, individual Muslims are conducting their own private jihads, encouraged but not necessarily connected to a specific Islamic terror group. Terror spouting Imams encourage this approach. “You go kill Americans.” America is seeing the direct results of these admonitions.

Because the vast majority of Muslims have not vociferously and continually condemned Islamic radical terrorism but remained silent in the face of Islamic radical murder in all forms against the non-Islamic world, we are left to wonder about every Muslim we see.

Juan William, who expressed a very mild feeling of concern about getting on a plane with persons in Muslim garb was castigated by the left and then fired by National Public Radio. Bill O’Reilly correctly pointed out that it was all Muslims who planned and carried out 911. That is a fact we can no longer afford to ignore.

Joy Behar and Woopi Goldberg walked off the set in response to O’Reilly’s comments that all Muslims carried out 911. But I can guarantee that both of them, getting on a plane with a Muslim woman with bumps and things poking out from under her burqa, would have qualms of fear and question whether they admit it or not. I simply don’t believe that they can have any other feelings given the nature of Islamic silence, because these two ultra-liberals really don’t know which individual Muslim is the threat either.

About the only thing that will change Behar and Goldberg’s collective political correctness is when their loved ones are targeted and murdered by Islamic terrorists. But their political correctness will be their death, plain and simple. What their fit of pique proved is that they’d rather allow themselves to be the target of Muslim death squads than be political incorrect. Behar in particular is so blind that she is incapable of understanding the threat to Jews until some idiot Muslim radical nukes Israel. Maybe then she will understand that, as of now, we cannot trust any Muslim until Islam joins the real world of peace.

Even the terminally politically correct Bill Mahar said the other day that the fact that the most popular newly born boy name in Britain is Mohammad is of great concern to him. His hypocrisy is astounding. He says that’s not bigotry. But if a liberal is doing the defining, Bill Mahar is a bigot plain and simple in the same way that Juan Williams is a bigot.

The truth about Muslims, despite the fact that Karim Abdul Jabbar is Muslim or not, has nothing to do with knowing that other Muslims are not a potential threat to us. Jabbar remains silent and does not speak out against Muslim extremism, is the perfect example of why we simply can’t take the chance of questioning every Muslim’s intentions. How do we know if the very wealthy Jabbar is not funding Islamic charities that funnel money to the terrorists? Perhaps Behar and Goldberg will demand that Muslims “SHOW US THEIR RESOLVE” against Islamic hate.

I don’t know which Muslim is or is not a suicide bomber who hides their C-4 beneath their Muslim garb. DO YOU? Do Iraqis who constantly die in their marketplaces when their own countrymen and women detonate bombs beneath their robes know? Williams was right. Because we don’t know and don’t see any major Islamic leaders fight the cancer that is growing on Islam, it is we who have to protect ourselves with our gut instinct.

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