Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I’ve read many assertions as to what Republicans and the new Tea Party congressmen and women and senators must do to fulfill the promise of a more conservative agenda. For the most part, the solutions involve presenting specific legislative proposals that address a variety of issues.

My assertion is even more fundamental. If Conservatives are to enshrine the principles of the U.S. Constitution, we must do so by challenging the fundamental premises put forth by Liberal Democrats and the Main Stream Media, including the pundits who constantly make assumptions as though only their premises are valid.

The truth is that at least half of those premises are wrong to start with so Conservative must resists the urge to accept the premises offered as inviolate, and redefine the concepts under consideration in light of the Constitution, not the assumed conventional wisdom. Because a liberal pundit makes an assertion in his or her question that something is so, does not make it so.

If a journalist’s question assumes Republicans must compromise with Barack Obama, then the Republican must attack the journalist’s assumption first and reverse the assumption is that it is Obama who must compromise with the newly elected congressional members.

No longer must Republicans simply accept the basis of questions by the MSM. They must go on the attack defending our Constitutional right to incorporate the principles of our founding fathers. Because a proposition is considered “progressive” does not mean it’s Constitutional or even desirable. When the new elected office holders in Washington understand that and do it, then we’ll know we have a chance to save America.

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Anonymous said...

It's a great day NG. The people have spoken and compromising with the new congress is the same thing as compromising with the people.
I was very proud to watch him today. He needed to be reigned in and we better keep him there if he even has an inkling of running in 2012.

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