Thursday, October 21, 2010


So now political correctness at National Public Radio demands that we lie and not tell our true feeling.

Juan Williams does not deserve to be fired. What we see here is the cost of taking money from George Soros. NPR took that 1-million dollars from Soros and now they have to fire anybody that might even hint at being honest. That is the price for doing business with the devil. NPR has sold what little soul it had.

I don't often agree with Juan, but in this case he has a right to give us what is the truth, and I'll bet that the bigots at NPR feel exactly the same way when unruly Muslims dressed in middle eastern garb get on the same plane the NPR PC BIGOTS are boarding.

Tell me that's not true.


Lisa said...

This is all about silencing free speech. This is just ridiculous and these Republicans better stop the BS and stand up to these traitors.
Soros is a cunning communist and to our own peril we underestimate him.
We just need to keep pushing. Whatever it takes NG.
This is why Soros chose Obama because he has the same arrogance and manipulative traits.

Anonymous said...

that was me tos

NewGnome said...

As I watch the firestorm that this has created, it maybe that this time, NPR will have their funding eliminated as it should be. NG