Saturday, October 23, 2010


Is it worse for priests to molest children or is it worse for Imams to cut the heads off Jewish Journalists and prisoners of war in their custody

Is it worse to show (now deceased) Catholic Cardinal O'Conner with a condom or is it worse for Muslims to kill the Dutch producer of a documentary showing the plight of Muslim women?

Is it worse to produce and perform a play, making fun of compassionate Catholic nuns or is it worse for Muslims to demand a fatwa death of a cartoonist who drew a cartoon of Mohammad?

Is it worse to publish a caricature of Mohammad or is it worse for Muslims to riot killing hundreds of other Muslims in the process?

Is it worse for a Muslim Prince of the House of Saud to be a homosexual who beat to death his male servant in a homosexual encounter or is it worse to behead openly gay Muslims?

Is it worse for Mohammad Atta to ogle girls in bikinis before murdering 3000 Americans and citizens of other countries or is it worse to stone to death a Muslim woman who allegedly committed adultery?

Is it worse to kill infidels, as the Quran preaches, or is it worse to murder your own daughter for the honor of an Islamic family because she walked down the street with a non-family member?

Is it worse to keep Islamic girls and women ignorant and uneducated or is worse to strap bombs to their bodies and blow them up as suicide bombers?

Is it worse to convince children to become suicide bombers or is it worse to murder Muslims of the wrong Islamic sect with bombs.

Is it worse to cover Islamic women head to foot or is it worse….wait a minute…Maybe Islamic men are doing this applying Sharia law on purpose because their women are so ugly. Scratch this one.

Is it worse to force Islamic conversion of captured prisoners through torture or is it worse to force them and other women and children into slavery in the Arab world?

Is it worse to build a victory Mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the murder of 2000 Americans by Wahhabi Muslims, or is it worse to jail and murder members of other religions who propose building their religious structures in Saudi Arabia?

Is it worse to burn the Quran causing killing of Muslims during the riots that follow, or is it worse to burn the Bible and any other religious text in Saudi Arabia and jailing anyone who may be carrying such texts?

Just wondering!


Anonymous said...

Oh no you are using the "M" word. The liberals new term for the "N" word.

There is no logic in liberalville


NewGnome said...

Heaven forbid that we call a Muslim a Muslim. NG