Thursday, October 28, 2010


In just a few hours now, it is likely that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives and possible put the senate into a 50-50 split. That will mean Obama's possibility of implementing his far left agenda will be stopped.

Although that sounds good, it also provides Obama with an enemy to rail against and blame for any and all issues which he considers negative. Based on his perpetual blame game, usually against America and George W. Bush, he will blame with abandon. We have watched him do this with nearly everything from the economy to almost all foreign policy trips. He seems to be incapable of compromise. He is dictatorial by nature.

Most economic projections predict grudgingly slow recovery. Next year, 2011, could see more joblessness and nearly no economic growth. President Bill Clinton was the ultimate triangulator and compromiser. Obama is a stone cold ideologue whose stubborn governing has been cast in stone. Compromise is not an option. Republican and conservatives will be blamed.

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