Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Oh, those scientists...they are so incredibly smart they’ve solved global warming. Just today, Rutgers University environmental scientist Alan Robock said a small nuclear war could create a global cooling and even maybe an ice age. Snowboarders would like that, but farmers in Siberia wouldn’t. If small countries with low yield nuclear devices were to launch nuclear bombs at each other in a regional conflict, it would have an impact all over the world.

Now isn’t that just perfect. It would solve the Al Gore global warming problem, lower the sea level, eliminate the countries who started the war and everything would be hunky-doory. Thanks scientists...you’ve done it again. Everybody understands everything perfectly now that you’ve explained it.

By the way, a UN global warming science group has now downgraded the impact of global warming by 25% saying that their statistics gathering was somewhat, shall we say, less than accurate. And here I thought they never made a mistake. Why, Cranky Liberal over on BringItOn.com said that scientific consensus (peer review) is the same as science fact. Who woulda thunk that scientists would have ever made a mistake, certainly not Cranky.


Anonymous said...

Yep the Bio crowd wants Al Gore in '08 because he alone can save the planet from Global Warming. Meanwhile how does he plan on saving us from a real threat of a nuclear attack?

NewGnome said...

He doesn't TOS, Democrats don't know how to resolve issues that force us to confront real evil people. Fiberals think that by talking with these despots they'll capitulate...they won't and Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell will be wearing full length burgas...well, that's not so bad, come to think of it. NG

Anonymous said...