Monday, December 04, 2006


Democrat Plan

Since the Democrats want to destroy big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big tobacco, fast food, big industrial plants, big car manufacturers, big box stores (specifically WalMart mostly to kiss the ring of union officials), eliminate green house gases (read stop traveling by cars) and stop space research and give the money to the poor, lets consider exactly what these actions would do to the average American, the same idiots who voted for Democrats in the recent election and failed to consider the consequence of their vote.

So Americans...lets all do what the Democrats want.

1. Cut your travel by, trains and planes.

Stop going to motels, hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations.
Getting rid of hospitality employees will further cut greenhouse gases.
Oil company employees will have to stay home.
Supply company, fortunately will be out of jobs and using less gas.

2. Bankrupt big Drug companies.

You can cut their profits and eliminate new drugs at the same time.
You won’t have to got to the’ll be dead.
This will reduce the need to have expensive hospitals and all their expensive employees.
The lost of employees will reduce big Drug companies greed profits and still cut greenhouse gases.

3. Fast food

If you quit traveling you can help bankrupt McDonald’s and their employees.
You can lose weight while eliminating fat producing companies.
Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC and Church’s will go under reducing employment.

4. Greenhouse Gas producing industrial companies

In this case Al Gore is pressuring companies to leave America...think “Inconvenient Truth.”
Can you say...outsourcing these terrible companies?

5. WalMart

STOP shopping at Walmart we can bankrupt them too and eliminate several million jobs.

6. Stop military intelligence and help destroy America.

Keep this up to eliminate jobs, greenhouse gases and these bad companies all at the same time.
America will be much better. What a great Democrat Plan. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

This is the reason so many companies outsource to begin with. The price of doing business here is so high and they want it to be even higher? Yep they know what's best. Stupid is as stupid does.