Monday, December 18, 2006



Senator Olympia Snowe
Senator John D. Rockefeller
US Senate
Washington DC December 18, 2006

Dear Senators Snowe and Rockefeller,

I am astounded and dumbfounded at your “open” letter demanding that a company and individual scientists give up their free speech rights so you can stifle descent to so-called human-caused global warming. At one point in history, the “peer-reviewed” truth was that the world was flat. The Catholic Church tried in vain to stop the release of contrary, but true, scientific fact. You two senators have become the Catholic Church of the dark ages in today’s world. Perhaps a similar letter should be written to stifle the free speech of those promoting unverified and so-called human-caused global warming because the science upon which it is based is not nearly as sound or factual as you would have everyone believe.

During the 1960s we were told to expect a new ice age. Senators then didn’t demand that scientists stop their descent to the issue later proven totally inaccurate. In the early 1970s Paul Ehrlich claimed that there would be a population bomb that would destroy the world by 2000. That wasn’t true either but all were free to give their opinions about his conclusions which were obviously false. Scientists in the 1950s predicted that we would be out of oil by the turn of the century. Here we are past the turn of that century and we have more oil than ever and more is being found constantly despite senators like you who do everything you can to stop drilling and discovery making America as oil dependent as possible. What is your motive for your actions?

When I read of your open letter threatening a legitimate company from practicing the constitutional right of free speech, I wonder about your commitment to that freedom contained in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Why are you attempting to destroy our freedom of speech? You complain about the patriot act taking free speech, while at the same time speaking out the other side of your mouths demanding that someone else’s free speech be eliminated. You are hypocrites personified.

What other speech would you like to stifle? Would it be my right to criticize stupid senators? Or the right to practice ones faith? Or the right of media to present it’s opinions with which you may disagreed? I find you both too dishonest and unworthy to be senators. You both swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. I call upon you to resign immediately for the crime of trying to destroy the Constitution of the United States of America.


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