Saturday, December 02, 2006


America didn’t start the terrorist war, and thanks to DEMOCRATS, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to finish it either.

Here’s my prediction. If we fail to win this war, terrorist attacks on America will kill us in our own streets, as the terrorists are killing innocent civilians in the streets of Baghdad. It’s interesting that historic Babylonia (now Iraq) was one of the cradles of civilization and will likely become the creator of the crematorium of civilization as we know it.

DEMOCRATS will be to blame. I predict at least one nuclear bomb will be set off somewhere in America within 5 years. DEMOCRATS, again will be to blame. DEMOCRATS will end every effective intelligence gathering opportunity with their policies making America vulnerable at the worst possible time. They, of course will still be blaming George W. Bush. DEMOCRATS will gut the missile defense program, again leaving us vulnerable when Iran and North Korea will just be getting their missiles ready to launch, and we won’t have any defensive capabilities to shoot them down.

THE REASON....DEMOCRATS live in a parallel universe that doesn’t exist in our real universe. Americans must learn which direction Mecca is. The Muslims, say it and the Democrats say it. It must be so. I trust I’ll be dead before than time.

DEMOCRATS care about one thing, remaining in power and that’s all they care about. They just need to learn to rule from the prayer rugs...which they’re in the process of doing. If the price is the blood of a million Americans on American streets, so be it. If their solution to the terrorist crisis should prevail, I’ll give America about 30 more years of existence, if that long. It might be advantageous to learn the Koran, weave a prayer rug, and dig a nuke shelter.....suggestion: dig the SHELTER FIRST.

But, maybe there is hope. I’ll give ten to one odds that once in power, DEMOCRATS will do exactly the opposite of what they’re proclaiming from the roof tops today. I don’t think they’ll like the idea of imams giving them their talking points.


Anonymous said...

They are a scary bunch. Prentending to be opposite of GW but secretly needing to be the same.

NewGnome said...

Scary an apt discription. NG