Thursday, December 07, 2006


Democrats Take Power, Who Will Pay the Price?

On this December 7, 1941, one of the most significant days of American history, Remember Pearl Harbor Day, I have a question.

What if America had decided that three years after we began our response to Japan, we decided to quit the fight. There were many mistakes during WWII, starting with misunderstanding radar in Hawaii on December 7, and many more before we got to Midway. But it didn’t stop us. Democrats and Republicans joined together. America prevailed.

Today, Democrats have divided themselves from fighting the war on terror for the sake of obtaining power. They are calling for the end of the war on terror. This generation of Democrats, has decided to quit the fight before the end of the war.

The Great Generation of World War II has degenerated to the cut and run generation. In truth, today’s generation would rather pretend it's fighting global warming than save America by fighting terrorists. Global warming doesn't shoot back, so its a safer war for Democrat tastes. They don't like the real truth of violent Islamofacists.


PS> Here is something inspiring. The exact opposite of Murtha and Pelosi and Reid.

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Anonymous said...

They are more fearful of Global Warming then a threat that has reared it's ugly head time and time again.Absolutley amazing.