Thursday, October 12, 2006


Harry Reid is a MINO. (Mormon in Name Only). He is also a Democrat and one of the most corrupt senators in the United States senate. He’s also the MINOrity leader. REID SHOULD RESIGN.

Bought property with a person with known Mob ties. He made money on property he hadn’t owned for 3 years...but here read it for yourself in USA TODAY.

If you are a Mormon, you should be irate. Reid has smeared the reputation of the LDS Church, and every member of that Church

*Reid profited from property he didn’t own for three years
*Reid failed to report the deal on his records.
*Reid reported transaction to the IRS only under pressure
*Reid has a verbal handshake agreement with a man with mob ties
*Reid voted in the senate to allow a trade between properties that personally benefitted him.

And one issue that was not reported besides the fact that Spring Valley town board rejected the re-zoning of the property and the Clark County zoning board and the Clark County commission overruled the town board, Reid’s son-in-law was a Clark County commissioner at the time of the re-zoning it was reported. Do I smell a conflict of interest if his son-in-law voted on the issue.

I wonder what Reid’s explanation to his Mormon Bishop sounded like.


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Anonymous said...

Now if Harry Reid were a Republican he would be smeared all over BIO. And so would Sandy Berger and so would Gary Studds and so would Bill Clinton and all the rest of the snakes mentioned in your previous post.