Monday, October 02, 2006


The party response to two similar incidents regarding one Democrat congressmen and one Republican congressman is very illuminating.

Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds got a 16-year-old page drunk forced himself on the boy and the Democrat response?... three, I REPEAT, three standing ovations from House Democrats and a slap on the wrist. Oh, and those same Democrats reelected him to two more terms after he raped the boy.

Florida Republican Mark Foley is caught sending email sexually graphic messages, with no evidence he even touched the 16 year-old page, and he immediately resigns from congress.

If you’re a Democrat, please explain your double standard. Mr. Foley’s words were despicable enough but apparently he did not rape the page. Stubbs did rape his page. You are politicizing pedophilia, congratulations, you are twisted and sick both.

Democrats are claiming this information has been known for 3 years...of course they just now leaked it to the press immediately after it was impossible to change the name on the Florida ballot for political advantage. Shame on Democrats.

Didn’t James Carville say that when it was just about sex it didn’t matter? The Democrats proclaimed loud and long that when it was sex and you cheated on your wife you could even lie excusing Bill Clinton. Once again, Democrats try to politicize everything, applauding Democrat pediophilia by Studds, and suggesting Foley be shot. How typically Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Yep I heard about Gary Studds standing ovation too. How typically hypocritcal of them. They can't win on merit,so the only way they can win is by using the "I'm not a republican" line. I give up!

Anonymous said...

First, where's your link to the child molesting Dem? Show some proof. Did it go to court? Was he convicted?

Second, it's with in every Americans right to cheat on thier wife. How is getting a blow job by a consenting adult defiling the white house but having male prostitue james guckert/ jeff gannon stay over in the white house multiple times

Third, the Carville quote was in refrence to what two concenting ADULTS did.

Your cognitive dissonance and lack of internal consistancy check is sadly typical for members of your party.

I wish we still had the old republicans. The good people that want ed the politicians held accountable the government kept small and our tax dollars well spent.

NewGnome said...

Link, I don't need to stinking Link. Are you so totally uninformed that you know nothing about this or are so lazy that you refuse to confirm something that is common knowledge. Where is your same sense of outrage that a Democrat did worse than a Republican.

I amazed at how you've extend the rights of men to cheat on their wife, but not the right of the women to cheat on their husband. You Fiberals sure want to extend some interesting rights. By the wya speaking of links, where is your link to your assertion?

If you didn't know, there is a federal law about superiors using their authority over subordinates. What Bill Clinton did was illegal not to mention immoral. You obviously don't have daughters.

Your refusal to understand reality makes me question your intellectual capacity...I wish we had some real, Truman Democrats, not the Moveon. wild-eyed fiberals.

Anonymous said...

Go away, wingnut. Your neocon garbage is at last about to be swept out with the rest of the now-exposed ideological lies and powermad liars you so love. And stop posting on the demoblogs just to get hits to your garbage site, thats really pathetic. I'm sorry I clicked, and now I know what to avoid.

NewGnome said...

Dear Mr. Leftwingnut, So you are afraid to mix it up in the market place of ideas. Is that because your ideas are so bankrupt or because you are intellectually incapable of defending them?

And you also want to censor descenting opinions off liberal blogs. So much for fiberal claims of wanting free speech.

Obviously, you incapable of defending your positions or you would welcome the chance to joust intellectually.


Anonymous said...

A link on former congressman Studds:

NewGnome said...

While the Wikipedia link has some information on Studds, is by no means complete and has some tempered language to make his actions look less perverted than they were. I find it a waste of time to provide links to those issues that are so widely and commonly known as to be common knowledge.

The problem, is that the comparison between Studds and Foley suffers from the fact that Studds did, in fact, get a page drunk and rape him, personally and physically and Foley while despicable, did not touch the page in question, as testified in Congress, by that very page yesterday (10-12-2006).

That still is a major difference, besides the reaction of Democrats to Studds actions and the reaction of Republicans to Foley’s actions. Democrats have equated emails to physical rape. That says volumes about the dishonesty of the Democrats in the dissemination of historical fact.

What is even more amazing, is that while North Korea is claiming to have set off a nuclear bomb and Iran is building one and threatening to nuke Israel, Democrats are still looking at the Foley case as though it’s more important than a nuclear threat. With that mind set, they simply are not capable of leading America in a time of war, or any other time for that matter.