Friday, October 20, 2006


Here are NewsGnome's predictions for the up coming election. In politics, two weeks is an eternity. Most voters don't starting thinking about the election until they get their voter pamphlet and those interviewed by pollsters are lying as often as they're telling the truth, just to flip-off the pollsters. Current baised Zogby, Gallup and a myriad of other polls have been overly weighted to democrat voters in an effort to push momentum toward Democrats.


Republicans pick up one possibly two seats plus, Joe Lieberman, will help Republicans more in the Senate because of the vitriolic attacks on him by Democrats. His victory also illustrates that the Democrats have a lot more bark than bite.


Republicans may pick up as many as four seats in the house. Foley will be of no help to Democrats. Negron will keep Florida Republican.


The Lieberman election is more illuminating than any other race in the Nation. Even with George Soros spending hundreds of millions to defeat the idea of American security, Lieberman will walk away with a win. It will show just how important the war on terror is to Americans.

More important: American wallets. The stock market has set five record highs as of today, jobs are at all time highs, unemploymentat all time lows, 60 per cent of Americans own stocks which are sky high right now, consumer confidence is exploding, unemployment is better than when Clinton was in office, The economy is better than at any time in history and it’s fundamentally a much stronger economy than the Clinton bubble economy.

Voters, vote on two things.

First and Foremost:

American security is the single biggest issue, bar none. Bush has kept terrorists from attacking America since 911. Democrats are still on the wrong side of this issue. Bush wins both ways on this issue. If there is no attack, his perfect record remains in tact. If there is an attack between now and the election, the threat of more terrorism reminds voters who has the best record on national security.



One last item. Despite what any voter says to family, friends or pollsters, when they go into the privacy of the polling booth, and they come face to face with reality and they will always chose security, personally and financially, neither of which the Democrats have offered....Democrats have literally offered nothing to vote for.



Bill Levinson said...

It has also come out that welcomed racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic hate speech at its Action Forum until the widening scandal forced the forum to shut down in late September. This should hurt MoveOn's candidates in November.

NewGnome said...


If MO has any candidates left, I certainly hope their hate does them in. The number of anti-Semitic posts illustrates the sick hatred inherent on Moveon .org, but hatred is their driving force, as it is with much of the left.

So it's not much of a stretch to see them extending it to all with whom they disagree. Hope you're right.

I'm just glad to see Joe Lieberman stickin' it to Moveon's candidate.


Anonymous said...

I am justing hoping the republicans keep the majority of the seats just to prove their tactics are just bad policy.

NewGnome said...

I certainly believe that the Democrats, for all their huffing and puffing about Bush's policies have NO policies to handle the situation in Iraq, Iran or Korea despite what they claim.

That's their biggest problem, they haven't provided any proposals that will make Americans safer or the economy continuing it huge growth and strength.

I also believe when people go into the voting booth, they'll question if the Democrats can keep the growth in the economy that we've seen, inspite of the horrendous problems of 911, the wars and Katrina by raising taxes, increasing regulations, and reducing the search for oil independence in America.