Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Reasons To Vote Democrat So They Can:

* Eliminate tax cuts
* Increase taxes
* Reduce economic growth
* Encourage illegal immigrants to break into America
* Increase minimum wage to eliminate more entry level jobs
* Pass terrorist protection laws
* Ignore terrorist attacks on America and American interests
* Increase punishment for American soldiers who fight in Iraq/Afghanistan
* Subject individual American citizens to international courts and law
* Approve pro-abortion judges
* Sabotage the Stock Market and pension plans
* Increase Democrat hate for capitalism
* Stop private pension contributions to Social Security.
* Cut and run in Iraq, so blood feuds expand
* Encourage implementation of Sharia Law in America
* Provide investment opportunities in burque manufacturing firms
* Turn Iran and Afghanistan over to terrorists for a new staging country
* Eliminate Christianity and encourage Islam and amoralism
* Stop the appointment of Constitutionalists US Supreme Court Justices
* Take more private property through eminent domain
* Implement the “Fairness Doctrine” restricting the free speech of conservatives
* Re-define the first amendment to the constitution allowing only liberal thought
* Allow for the arrest and imprisonment of any individual espousing religious thought within 2 miles of any publicly owned building, land, vehicle or tree. ( I mention trees because trees in the street medians and near sidewalks are owned by municipalities and that would exclude almost all areas within any city limits
* Allow the torture of all conservatives for having opinions that contradict fiberal thought
* Rewrite the second amendment to define all guns owned by private American citizens as assault weapons
* Apply fiberally defined allowable torture such as water-boarding for conservatives and Christians but not terrorists
* Halt efforts to become energy self-sufficient by stopping all searches for energy
* Increase capacity to rely on foreign oil
* Raise gas prices to reduce use of vehicles
* Pressure all teachers, not just the majority, to advance the “we hate Bush” theology
* Criminalize Christmas
* Encourage forced conversion to Islam

If this is the America you want, VOTE DEMOCRAT!


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