Sunday, September 11, 2005


Is race really a factor in the Katrina recovery?

On today of all days, I can’t help but think of the reaction and effort that went into the rescue of the victims of 911. They were people of all races, ethnicities, religions and countries . Then I think of the actions and response of New York Mayor Rudy GIULIANI not wasting his time blaming the terrorists or government, but doing everything he could to solve the problems faced by that terrible disaster brought on by men of hate. I think the most important thing Mayor Giuliani did was to be everywhere giving encouragement, aid, cutting red tape, and perhaps of all these important things hugging the bereaved in this unthinkable tragedy. America opened up her heart, energy and wallets.

Then I think of the terrible natural disaster in New Orleans and the mammoth response that is occurring there, a different Mayor emerges. Was and is the response perfect, no. Nothing could have been perfect. The scope and devastation of this disaster overwhelmed everybody. But the reaction of New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin was remarkably different. He knew in advance it was coming and essentially did nothing. Even though he had a plan in place he failed to aggressively activate it.

Now he’s blaming everybody but himself. It’s white racists, anti-poor bigots, failure of the Louisiana Governor or the federal government. IT’S NOT MY FAULT he proclaims on television! That’s not true. He failed to implement the emergency plan so it was his fault. America has opened her heart, energy and wallets to help. In the long run, the amount of money and effort to help the Katrina victims will far surpass that given to victims of 911.

What a stark contract in Mayors. One mayor was tireless in helping 18 hours a day. No blaming others, no race baiting, no TV interviews for self aggrandizement. The other blaming everybody for a natural disaster, claiming race played a part in the rescue effort and of course attempting to capitalize on the death and devastation by attempting to shift the blame from his own incompetence.

Is race, in particular, involved? Sadly, the answer is yes. Ray Nagin is a racist. Not just racist, he is horribly inept and ungrateful as well. He is and has been doing a poor job helping the citizens of his city. While all of America and many countries are helping, Nagin is looking to blame. Look in the mirror, Mr. Nagin. You’ll find the start of your problems there. Why not go to work as Mr. Giuliani did and quit blaming others?


Anonymous said...

You fail to recognize how poor the people most devestated by this disaster are {thus ill prepared to evacuate}.They have no SUV's or gas money, many had no where to go.The head of FEMA lacked any credentials other than possibly recognizing an arabian horse from a quarterhorse {I kid}. I believe the Mayor was utterly and thoroughly frustrated. I suggest you yourself practice some compassion and dig deep into your wallet. Your diatribes sound like a first line of defense for the Wite House. Put politics aside forgive and forget. I wish the current administration the best of luck in assisting in this apocalypse.

NewGnome said...

I wish I could put politics aside in this disaster. It’s what Americans should do, but liberals instantly politicized Katrina for purely political reasons. It’s utterly disgusting. I will make a prediction though. When the facts are looked at Landrieu, Blanco and Nagin will be the ones to blame, not Brown.

I also suggest you quit telling others to contribute, especially when you have no clue what they’ve given. Look in the mirror on that one. And I’ll put aside my politics when you do. You certainly laid plenty of political blame in your comment.

Every emergency relief agency in America tells everyone to have a three-day emergency supply which even the poor could afford to do. There’s a reason for that. It’s because experience has taught us that it usually takes even the best rescue efforts three days to get to people.. I’ve been through 4 major earthquakes and have a little experience in this.

In New OrleansThe feds were there in three days. Blanco and Nagin kept them out. What I find racist is that you only see the color of a person’s skin and assume they’re poor. Many of the demolished homes belonged to everyday whites. But you see only to see one color. That is, in my view, a racist perspective.

What irritates me is that the only ones in this tragedy who really needed help at a critical point, be they rich or poor, were denied because of politics.

Here’s an interesting fact about downtown New Orleans? They have a big Cambodian population there. Isn’t it interesting that you saw almost no Cambodians in the Superdome. Why was that? They certainly weren’t rich, I know, do you?

When all is said and done. I think this will go down in history as one of America’s finest hours because I will guess the body count will be around 1000 not 10 to 25 thousand as Nagin predicted. That is and will be a testiment to the incredible success of FEMA. Things will get back to building in half the time predicted and America will do what we always do, rebuild and get on with our lives.

Anonymous said...

You are an ass I mentioned nothing about "color". You are a racist swine of monumental proportions. I was non political I blamed no one and joked about Brown's credentials though you would even defend his lack of any expereience in emergency preparedness. You are the one playing the "blame game". You obviously are a very angry person who is incapable of a logical conversation. Incapable of speaking with anyone who even minimally disagrees with you. I am no liberal I simply allow all sides to voice an opinion. Talk about racism look into Barbara Bush's statements. The president will visit Trent Lott once he rebuilds, what a friggin joke. YOU ARE THE RACIST READ MY ORIGINAL BLOG I MENTIONED NO "COLORS' YOU DID!

NewGnome said...

“I am no liberal I simply allow all sides to voice an opinion.” PLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE! That’s what all liberals say. But you immediately attacked my defense of the White House.

All the buzz words used by liberals are in your post.
"Only the “poor” (buzz word for black) were most devastated."

"They have no SUV’s or gas money," (buzz words for “white rich Republicans”) You remind me of the old joke, “world ends tomorrow, minorities and women hardest hit.” The mayor had four days and 3000 buses to evacuate the “poor” but failed to do anything. That was “FOUR DAYS...FOUR DAYS...FOUR DAYS” before the hurricane hit.

You excuse the mayor with your comment of “thoroughly frustrated” which is an excuse because he is black, but you refuse to mention his failure to even try to implement the EMERGENCY plan in place. Which simply, put means he was either incompetent or corrupt, not frustrated.

You call my comments diatribes because I’ve defended the White House (buzz words for I hate Bush). You only criticized Republicans or conservatives.

“Forgive and forget”... you demand, while you are not forgiving or forgetting, but parroting the “venomous” hate speech of fiberals and Democrats.

Then you demand that I dig into my wallet but you don’t do the same.

There is one immutable fact: if you want to determine whether a poster is a liberal, look for the name calling to which you immediately reverted. Let me count the names:

angry person
incapable of logic
playing the blame game
Barbara is a racist
President is a “friggin Joke” to visit Trent Lott
you’re the racist”

And that’s just in one paragraph.

I really get tired of the “open minded” crowd who demand that I change my opinions but won’t change theirs. You couldn’t pry your mind open with a crowbar. Where is your criticism of Blanco, Nagin, Landrieu, Schumer, Clinton, West, Penn and the rest for politicizing this disaster for political advantage? Not in your post...but it should be if you're open-minded as you claim. It's the telltale sign of your real opinions.

Anonymous said...


NewGnome said...

Thanks for proving my point. All you can do is name-call because you are intellectually incapable of addressing issues that do not reinforce your preconceived political notions.

Anonymous said...

Called me a Fiberal. Which I presume is a word you invented meaning fibbing liberal.
A Bush hater {true}
insinuated blacks are the only poor I am interested in when I never mentioned race{false}
SUV's = rich republicans your interpretation {not always true}
Venemous hate mongerer {false}

I see you on the other hand as a vitriolic jingoistic belacose racist. I would not piss on you to put you out if you were on fire. In truth this administration has done nothing but tell lies and mislead the public. You defend his policies by spewing more hate and racism. What if the 200 billion we spent in Iraq was used to provide health care to the poor, rebuild New Orleans and other desperately poor areas. To support education and health care. I know you think all should stand on there on two feet, just like the Emperors of old. Another thing I bet you are a chicken hawk just like the Prez. Ever fight for your country? I doubt it.

NewGnome said...

"I am no liberal I simply allow all sides to voice an opinion." Why is it that you fiberals can't simply be honest about what you believe at the beginning. Why do you always try to hide what you are. Are you embarrased about it?

"I would not piss on you to put you out if you were on fire." How original! Can't you at least write your own original insults instead of stealing tired old cliches.

And by the way if you're going to quote an tired old insult, at least quote it accurately.
It's "I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire!"

Anonymous said...

You are an honest to goodness liar. You are so hell bent on your beliefs you can recognize nothing. I realy don't care if my tired old cliche is not exact. You are a very anal person. Did Mommy try to toilet train you too soon? Perhaps daddy was a tad feminine. Freud wrote about anal retentive people passive father agressive mommy. Could this be your profile. Bye Bye Now

NewGnome said...

I'm an honest there's an interesting contradiction in terms. But, at least, I'm an honest liar.

You write like cranky liberal who never met a spell checker.

But what the hey...even "anal retentives" need love. If you won't even piss on me does that mean you don't love me anymore? Bye, bye fiberal.

Ah, another fun day blogging.

Anonymous said...

Never seen a spell check. Mr pee head how harsh really aggressive!

Anonymous said...

Mature political judgment requires not only understanding, but also imagination. That is what generally is missing in those who shout their opinions the loudest. They take pleasure in balancing the war's accounts, which on close examination rarely holds up. That is particularly true at critical points in this struggle for existence. As Clauswitz said, there is a false wisdom that only wants to escape danger. In ordinary times one can easily talk of heroism, since it requires no burdens or dangers. Only real danger reveals a person's true character. Previously hidden traits, whether good or bad, reveal themselves. One must prove whether he is a hero or a coward by deeds, not words. It is well known that those who make the most noise in good times do the same in bad times. In good times they are filled with illusions, in bad times with hopelessness and pessimism. One can only hold them in contempt; they deserve nothing else, certainly nothing better. Thankfully, such people are a tiny minority by us, and they have no influence.

NewGnome said...

If you're going to paste a comment into the blog, at least don't pull a "Joe Biden plagerism routine." Give the real writer the credit.

By the way von Clauswitz also said that "Politics is the art of the possible." But all you hear about from the fiberals is blame. So the comment that crisis brings out the best and worst, while accurate is left to others to define what is "best" and "worst." The winners write the history.

Anonymous said...

The real writer would likely be a hero of yours. I thought you would like the quote and left the authors name out intentionally.