Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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All I hear from Fiberal blamers is that FEMA should have responded faster to Hurricane Katrina. The picture to the left is a road in Texas after Rita hit. Only a quarter of a mile of the road is visible. Now suppose you’re the FEMA director and you’ve tried to get helicopters up and delivering supplies and rescuing people. But they’re small with limited payloads.

The Governor of the state demands that you wait 24 hours while she puts on her makeup (which didn’t help). The Police chief tells you there is rioting and shooting, he is incompetent and his men abandon their posts. The Mayor spends his time in front of camera blaming everybody but himself and demanding instant solutions to 90 thousand square miles of devastation.

But you need massive amounts of aid to a place at the other end of this road requiring a convoy. This road is five miles long. Other roads on which you must drive are another 20 miles. You must remove 25 miles of trees, houses, glass, cars, trucks, buses, bodies, dangerous downed electrical power lines that can kill in an instant, gas lines that have broken and are spreading natural gas that could be ignited with every spark of the power lines. You have five miles of flooded debris filled streets to go through.

It requires a minimum of a backhoe to move the trees...but this scene is repeated a thousand times over hundreds of square miles. The demand is that you have all these tree, power lines, trucks, cars and houses moved out of the way in 24 hours without endangering the rescue workers to allow the convoys to get through.

I get so sick of the complaining Fiberals who of course do everything perfectly. They would claim they would have moved all the debris along with the dangerous gas and electric threats at the snap of the fingers. The problem comes when they, in the form of Bill Clinton, did a much worse job than FEMA did in New Orleans with much less area to cover and no water to pump out. Clinton’s FEMA took a total of two weeks just to get to some of the affected areas of a Florida hurricane during his administration.

So the truth is that Fiberals are so political in their assessment of natural disasters, they are not just anti-American, they are anti-truth, anti-people and rejoice in the death and destruction because they see the pain and suffering as a path to political power. They make me sick.

The reality is that the disaster relief was incredible. Incredibly fast and amazingly the number of deaths was less than a fifth of the worst predictions...a wonderful success...not perfect but amazing.

Three cheers for the heros of Katrina...and the continuing work that is going on.


Anonymous said...

They are just so ridiculous and so predicatable. Before Katrina hit in NO I said "Bush will get blamed somehow" and of course he did. Then when we saw it was mostly minorities I said "Watch them turn this into a race issue" and they did.
They act like they care but we all know the real reason for all their fibbering,it's an attempt to bring down Bush and they play on the weakness of others to do it. Oh they are so friggin' caring. Give me a break! It's just nice that we don't depend on the Media for all our information and that there is smart people out there that can see right through them and I think that makes them more angry.

NewGnome said...

TOS, If America can be blamed for the results of the Tsunami near Sumatra...anything is possible. Did you notice that Cranky censored another of my comments on his site.

He didn't however, identify who he was censoring. Didn't want to again demonstrate his lying. He conducted a poll of his readers who voted to allow me to post. But because my posts make him look stupid he over ruled his own readers.