Thursday, September 29, 2005


Mainstream Media Does Worse Job Than FEMA During KATRINA

In the early hours of Katrina the Mainstream media was very quick to blame President Bush for “delays” in reacting to the category five hurricane and instantly accused Michael Brown of FEMA of incompetence.

But I think it’s time to examine just how poorly the MAINSTREAM media did it’s job reporting the 90-thousand square miles of disaster. Here are just a few of their problems. These are critical issues that had direct impact on the rescue effort.

* Media: reported 10,000-to 25,000 deaths.
* Fact: media 90% to 240% wrong.

* Media: reported stacks of dead bodies in the Superdome.
* Fact: media 100 % wrong just six people died.

* Media: reported several murders in Superdome.
* Fact: media 100% per cent wrong, not one murder occurred

* Media: reported multiple rapes in Superdome.
* Fact: media 100% wrong and can’t verify one rape.

* Media: reported massive violence in the Superdome.
*Fact: media massively over estimated extent of violence.

* Media: inaccurate reports of violence in some neighborhoods caused rescue delays
* Fact: media claims of shooting stopped unarmed FEMA volunteers from going into some areas.

* Media: maintained reports of death, for political reasons
* Fact: of 6 Superdome deaths 4 were natural, 1 was a suicide, 1 accidental. Not one murder.

* Media: reported blacks ignored in rescue efforts.
* Fact: media failed find one example of rescue efforts halted or delay because of race.

* Media: reported that FEMA failed to enter New Orleans during early hours of rescue efforts.
* Fact: media failed to report that Gov. Blanco personally delayed FEMA for 24 hours.

* Media: quickly reported FEMA’s imperfections.
* Fact: media excused Mayor Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco’s faults and incompetence

The list goes on and on. In comparing the quality of reporting in the media to the so-called slight delay in the rescue efforts by FEMA, FEMA wins hand-down. The media was massively inaccurate and politicized.

The media’s record was abysmal and incompetent causing deaths and delays. When the inevitable commission is established to investigate the difficulties faced by FEMA....I suggest that at least half the commission’s time be spent examining how the media’s false reporting had on complicating the rescue effort.

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